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Asmara, 17 May 2024 – Eritrean nationals in the Republic of South Sudan, Germany, Sweden, and Italy have conducted public diplomacy activities.

According to reports, nationals in the Republic of South Sudan celebrated the 33rd Independence Day anniversary on 11 May in Juba under the theme “Peace Anchored on Resilience.” At the celebratory event, which included heads of Consular Affairs, national associations, staff of the Embassy, community members, as well as teachers and students, football competitions between eight teams were held.

Mr. Tsegay Mehari, head of Consular Affairs, stated that preserving independence, which was achieved through heavy sacrifices, and doubling efforts for national development, is the responsibility of every citizen.

In a similar spirit, the Swedish branch of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans commemorated the 30th anniversary of the association’s establishment under the theme “War Disabled Veterans: Our National Pride.”

The event was attended by Mr. Fesehaye Tesfamicael, deputy chairman of the National Association, and Mr. Mohammed-Ali Mohammed-Seid, head of Public and Community Affairs of the association.

At the event, Mr. Tekeste Fesehaye, chairman of the association branch, noted that the branch was established in 1994 by interested war-disabled veterans and now has sub-branches across Sweden. He added that the branch, in cooperation with partners, has extended material support worth 100 million Kroner to support war-disabled veterans in the country.

In a message, Ms. Leul Gebreab, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, praised the support extended by the Swedish branch, acknowledging its care towards war-disabled veterans and commending the association branch and its partners.

The National Association of Eritreans in Germany also conducted its annual activity assessment meeting, attended by representatives from various cities across Germany. The National Association of Eritreans in Germany incorporates sub-associations in 26 German cities.

Reports also indicated that the German branch of the National Union of Eritrean Women contributed about 42 thousand Euros in support of the National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans.

Similarly, heads and staff members of Consular Affairs in European countries held an activity assessment meeting from 10 to 12 May in Milan, Italy. The objective of this meeting, which included participants from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Great Britain, was to ensure effective and timely consular services for nationals.


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