Training on Global Monitoring and Environmental Security – Eritrea Ministry Of Information


Asmara, 11 June 2024- The Ministry of Land, Water and Environment in collaboration with Global Monitoring and Environmental Security and Africa provided training on the role of Technology and Cartographic Information System for sustainable preservation and environmental security.

The training that will be conducted until 15 June, is being attended by 35 professionals from the Ministries of Land, Water and Environment, Agriculture, Marine Resources, Transportation, Local Government, as well as Forestry and Wildlife Authority and Hamalmalo College of Agriculture.

Ms. Aster Rediezgi, the head of Environmental Management and Control at the Ministry, highlighted the training’s goals: to enhance the use and sharing of environmental information, promote sustainable development of human resources, and improve decision-making in environmental management through evidence-based information.

Dr. Daniel Waiswa from Makerere University, Uganda, noted that the theoretical and practical training sessions is pivotal for enhancing the participants’ skills in analyzing cartographic data and predicting environmental changes.

The trainees emphasized the importance of the training for their professional activities and advocated for its ongoing availability.

Document from the Ministry underscores Eritrea’s commitment to the IDAD Global Monitoring and Environmental Security Center, reinforcing the nation’s active engagement in global environmental initiatives.


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