Nationals in Italy celebrate Independence Day anniversary – Eritrea Ministry Of Information


Asmara, 21 May 2024 – Eritreans across six cities in Italy commemorated the 33rd anniversary of Eritrea’s Independence Day with events filled with patriotic fervor under the theme “Peace Anchored on Resilience.” Celebrations took place in Milano, Verona, Napoli, Palermo, and Pisa, featuring a range of cultural and artistic performances, narrations, and sports competitions.

In Milano, in which a number of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea took part, Mr. Teklesenbet Imam, Eritrea’s Consul General in Milano, highlighted the profound sacrifices made for independence. Mr. Teklesenbet emphasized that the people and Government of Eritrea have triumphed over numerous adversities, solidifying their unity and resilience.

Italian friends of Eritrea also extended congratulations to the Eritrean government and people.

The celebrations also saw awards presented to winners of various competitions, recognizing their contributions to the festive spirit of the day.

Similar festivities occurred in Johannesburg and Durban, South Africa, where Eritreans engaged in cultural and artistic programs that reflected the significance of the day.

Mr. Saleh Omar, Eritrea’s Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa and South African countries, spoke on the profound implications of the day for the Eritrean community.

Additionally, Eritreans in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, celebrated this significant day on 10 May with similar zeal and enthusiasm, underlining the enduring theme of “Peace Anchored on Resilience.”



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