Graduation of Sawa Technical School Students – Eritrea Ministry Of Information – Eritrea Embassy Geneva, Switzerland


Sawa, 05 May 2024 – Students from Sawa Technical School graduated on 4 May. They are part of the 36th round of the national service, having undergone six months of political and military training in Sawa.

The graduation ceremony was attended by Maj. Gen. Romodan Osman Aweliay, Commander of the Eritrean Defense Forces Training Center, along with senior commanders and staff from the National Service Training Center.

During the event, Maj. Gen. Romodan Osman Aweliay highlighted the significant investment the government is making in the youth, aiming to nurture competent individuals who will ensure the continuity of the country and its future generations.

He emphasized that applying the knowledge gained in the nation-building process and passing it on to future generations is not just a choice but a citizenship responsibility.

Col. Debesai Ghide, Commander of the National Training Center, noted that the students are graduating having completed the requisite military and political training, as well as physical and sports training, among other disciplines. He especially commended the strong participation of female students.

The event also included various cultural, artistic, and other programs.

Awards were presented to outstanding students in several categories, including military prowess and discipline.


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