Dialogue on integration of national values on legal system – Eritrea Ministry Of Information – Eritrea Embassy Geneva, Switzerland


Asmara, 29 April 2024- The Ministry of Justice convened a dialogue under the theme “Values and Justice” with the aim of on integration of Eritrean values with the legal framework. The discussion forum is being attended by legal experts from inside the country and abroad.

The opening event at Asmara Palace Hotel was attended by representatives of Ministries and Front, members of security and police as well as heads of UN Offices in Eritrea and members of the diplomatic community.

In her keynote address Ms. Fauzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, said that the focus of the discussion will be on Eritrean values, while also taking into account the domestic, African and global experiences and provide  careful consideration to the   seamless integration of these values into the legal framework, as part of the Ministry of Justice’s legal reform for sustainable development.

Ms. Fauzia also said that the Eritrean people have been able to preserve and fortify its core value systems during Eritrea’s long years of resistance and armed struggle for independence and in the aftermath of Eritrea’s independence, one of the formidable efforts taken was to integrate and embody Eritrea’s core value systems in its legal framework. The Eritrean people have also managed to foster unity, mutual respect, cooperation and peaceful coexistence and these value systems continue to characterize Eritrea’s vision of engagement on regional and global peace and coexistence.

Extensive discussion was also conducted on the process to reform and improve Eritrea’s legal system in terms of Sustainable Development as well as on the national values that could support in the improvement of the legal system of the country.

Experts and invited guests from Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nicaragua, Italy, and France are taking part at the discussion form.


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