Dialogue on Integration of National Values into Legal Framework Concludes – Eritrea Ministry Of Information – Eritrea Embassy Geneva, Switzerland


Asmara, 1 May 2024 – The two-day dialogue that took place at the Asmara Palace Hotel, organized by the Ministry of Justice under the theme “Values and Justice,” aimed at integrating Eritrean values with the legal framework, has concluded.

The focus of the dialogue was to discuss on domestic, regional, and global experiences and to provide careful consideration for the seamless integration of these values into the country’s legal framework. This is part of the Ministry of Justice’s legal reforms for sustainable development.

At the forum, extensive discussions were conducted on the processes to reform and improve Eritrea’s legal system in terms of sustainable development, national values that could support the improvement of the country’s legal system, and characteristics identified during the armed struggle for independence. Discussions also covered African values and future prospects, Eritrean values in terms of African values and justice, as well as reflecting national values in the Eritrean legal framework for sustainable development.

The participants adopted various recommendations, including the timely implementation of the integration of national values into the legal framework, reinforced human and resources development, adaptation of international law to the objective situation and values of the country, and ensuring the legal framework takes into account the national interest.

The dialogue on the integration of national values into the legal framework, the first of its kind, was attended by experts and invited guests from Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nicaragua, Italy, and France.


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