Efforts to Address Medicine and Medical Equipment Supply – Eritrea Ministry Of Information


Asmara, 06 May 2024 – Mr. Yosief Bahlibi, manager of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies Corporation of Eritrea (PHARMECOR), reported that efforts are being exerted to address the supply of medicines and medical equipment to health facilities.

Indicating that the Corporation distributes medicines to both public and private pharmacies at fair prices, Mr. Yosief said that 35 types of medicines are produced by Azel Pharmaceutical Enterprise, while many others are imported from abroad.

Mr. Yosief also noted that before procurement, a technical and financial evaluation is conducted on the imported medicines and a quality inspection in cooperation with the National Food and Medicines Control is performed before they are prescribed to patients.

He further noted that in 2023, medicines worth over 32 million Dollars were imported and medicines worth over 141 million Nakfa were produced by Azel Pharmaceutical Enterprise, Orotta Oxygen Enterprise, and Fred Hollows Eye Glass Enterprise.

Medicines and medical equipment worth 606 million Nakfa have been distributed to medical facilities across the country, out of which 79% was distributed to facilities under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and 21% to other public and private health facilities.


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